Unique souvenir shopping places in District 1

unique souvenir shopping places in district 1

As the most visited district in Saigon (HCMC), District 1 has a great number of shopping places, from small shops to big centers selling regular products to high-quality ones to meet the need of residents as well as tourists.

Ben Thanh Market

Originating from a small marketplace before the French colonial period, Ben Thanh Market today is one of the most historical and cultural markets in Saigon particularly and in Vietnam generally. It is Saigon’s most popular representative and is the number one must-go place for either domestic or international tourists. Not only an epitome of Vietnamese culture, Ben Thanh Market is also the source of all sorts of merchandise, ranging from daily use to rare goods such as clothes, jewelry, household items, foods, fresh seafood and more with premium quality.

Saigon Square

Saigon Square, one of shopping places attracting thousands of young people and tourists daily, is renowned for its diverse range of goods, notably clothes, footwear, jewelry, and more. Although sorted in a kiosk system as in a market, the merchandise here is nonetheless high-quality, inexpensive and frequently discounted; therefore, Saigon Square is regarded as a “premium marketplace”.

unique souvenir shopping places in district 1
Saigon Square

Major Trade Centers: Dimond Plaza, Parkson Saigon, Vincom Center, Saigon Center

District 1, the lively district of the most economically developed city in Vietnam, is home to many quality trade centers that are diverse in goods and entertainment services, attracting young people and tourists alike. They are Diamond Plaza, Parkson Saigon, Vincom Center, Saigon Center, etc.

Nguyen Trai, Hai Ba Trưng shopping street

These are the two busiest shopping streets in District 1, as well as in HCMC. Walking along the streets, you will be both attracted and surprised by dozens of shops, especially clothing ones. Because of their diversity in goods and reliable prices, these streets are the ideal shopping places for Vietnamese citizens and tourists.

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